Sunday Times Article - 10 June 2018

Afric Oil notes the article in the Sunday Times with regards to our financing arrangement with the PIC in 2017.

Sacoil buys majority stake in Afric Oil

Sacoil, the South African based independent African oil and gas company, said on Monday that it had acquired a 71 percent interest in Afric Oil Group....

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  • March 06, 2017

Acquisition Of Controlling Interest In Afric Oil Group

SacOil, the South African based independent African oil and gas company that is focussed on the......

Corporate Presentation - Acquisition of Controlling Interest in Afric Oil

Acquiring 100% of Phembani Oil, that owns 71% controlling interest in Afric Oil

Afric Oil Scores Big

At the height of the recession Tseke Nkadimeng was tasked with switching off the lights at Afric Oil, South Africa’s first empowered......

SA needs to participate more in its oil and gas infrastructure

South Africa’s first black-owned and operated fuel distributor celebrates its 20-year anniversary.....

Ecosystems of empowerment’ to transform oil and gas industry

True economic transformation of South Africa’s oil and gas industry requires as much focus on enterprise....

Afric Oil to purchase 60 gas stations

Afric Oil, part of the Pembani group, wants to be active in all the steps of the fuelling chain, including fuel import.......

Who will own SA’s pumps?

South Africa’s 6 000-odd petrol stations will eventually be put on the market as the major oil companies restructure on a global scale.