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At Afric Oil, you can expect excellent customer service from a team with the experience and technical expertise to provide you with top quality products at the right price. Our customers can rely on the consistency in quality, and availability of our products.

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Technical Expertise and Experience

We understand that each business has its own unique challenges and requirements - which is why we develop solutions tailored to your specific needs.


We source only from trusted and proven suppliers with whom we have developed strong relationships since the 1990's. With our established distribution network, we can source and deliver liquid fuels to you wherever you are in Southern Africa.


Please see our Materials Safety Data Sheets here.

Technical Expertise and Experience
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  • Unleaded Petrol 95 (Coastal)
  • Unleaded Petrol 93 (Coastal and Inland)
  • Lead Replacement Petrol 95 (Coast)
  • Lead Replacement Petrol 93 (Inland)
  • Diesel (0.05)
  • Jet A-1
  • Illuminating Paraffin
  • Marine Gas Oil
  • Marine Diesel Oil
  • Commercial Burner Fuel Paraffin
  • Lubricants
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Afric Oil offers a full fuel management solution by making investments at customer sites, in the form of storage tanks and fuel management systems that enable our customers to keep track of their fuel consumption and concentrate on their core business.

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All fuels sold and distributed by Afric Oil will comply with the standards as set out by the “South African Bureau of Standards” Please contact our office, should you require a copy of the standards.

  • Automotive Diesel Fuels: SANS 342:2006
  • Unleaded Petrol: SANS 1598:2006
  • Leaded Petrol: SANS 299