Afric Oil is committed to the development and expansion of the fuel distribution industry in South Africa, particularly where this will benefit smaller players. To achieve this, we are committed to making investments in developing storage and transport infrastructure.

Existing infrastructure is generally not accessible to the emerging players. In this regard, we are open to discussing collaborative arrangements with independent players in the arena in pursuit of meeting our respective objectives.


As a fuel distribution company, we are particularly concerned with safeguarding the planet for future generations. We work closely with our customers, suppliers and end-users to provide education on how fuel efficiency can reduce an organisation’s carbon footprint.

To this end, we also provide our customers with automated fuel management software that track fuel consumption right down to the level of individual vehicles. It automates the ordering process, contributing to realising efficiencies in the organisation’s operations.

Afric Oil supports government initiatives aimed at achieving higher standards for clean fuels. We also work closely with government in terms of the broader regulation of the whole industry, by participating in national forums, and providing inputs on draft regulations/legislation which are occasionally released by government for public comment.

New Jerusalem

In 2012, Afric Oil established a CSR committee to oversee the Social Responsibility Campaigns. We have set ourselves aggressive annual targets to support projects in SMME Development, Education and Youth Development – amongst others.

Projects we support:

1. New Jerusalem Children’s Home

New Jerusalem Children’s Home (NJCH) is a 24 hour holistic residential care centre which provides care services aimed at addressing the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of traumatised, abandoned, orphaned, abused and HIV positive children and vulnerable youth from 0-18 years. The NJCH opened its doors in 2000. They are a registered NPO, Section 18A Registered with SARS. NJCH currently houses around 85 Children on a permanent basis.

2. Schools Support Project

a. Tholimfundo Primary School was established in 2001. The school is an ordinary public primary institution that provides education and training from Grade R – Grade 7. It caters for previously disadvantaged community and it is situated in Protea Glen, Soweto. The school caters for about 1000 underprivileged learners and 26 educators.

b. Wilhelmina Hoskins Primary was established in 1968 and is based in Riverlea Extension, Johannesburg. The school serves 760 underprivileged learners from Grade R – Grade 7. The school also caters for learners from nearby Pimville and Soweto. They provide a range of direct services to learners that have been affected by HIV and AIDS – which includes a feeding scheme for the learners.

Schools Support
Social Media

3. Social Media support

We use our social media platforms to distribute information about, and promote causes that are dear to us. As a growing African business with a focus on local beneficiation and development we promote:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment and Internship opportunities
  • Bursaries and Scholarships
  • African Culture & Heritage
  • Opportunities for SMME’s
  • Education on Energy, Maths and Science
Enterprise Development

Afric Oil has benefited from the support of market leaders in the fuel industry. Now that we are independently successful, we are committed to extending our helping hand to smaller players in the market. We have in place an enterprise development programme that supports aspirant distributors in the geographic locations in which we distribute to work in partnership with Afric Oil to service their local markets. This support takes the form of credit facilities and extended payment terms, without which it is difficult to enter the extremely competitive oil and gas market. We are constantly on the lookout for new enterprise development opportunities that are relevant to our market, industry and expertise to broaden the impact that we can have in this critical area of economic empowerment. Our focus is on creating multiple successful black oil distribution entities as part of our commitment to job creation.


The company has made on-going progress in establishing and implementing business processes, organisational controls and governance best-practices. The focus on sound corporate governance principles is of great importance and underpin the sustainable success of the company. We have employed corporate governance processes and internal controls for our business activities. The company also benefited from the group’s enterprise risk management processes, as well as the secretarial and internal audit services. The board provides effective oversight on the activities and operations of the company. Two sub-committees of the board, namely; Audit and Risk, and Remuneration are in place and meet regularly as prescribed by our governance framework.